Club Lennox Goes Solar


Club Lennox last week announced their newest green initiative, investing over $70,000 in a 68kw roof-top solar system.

The System includes 264 Seraphim top of the range panels that will power approximately two thirds of the Club’s operations.

Geoff Martin, General Manager of the Club says that ‘the introduction of renewable energy will ensure a better future for the Club and will act as a significant energy saving measure, which will help us save money on our energy bills while investing for the future in renewable energy.’

The investment in renewable energy was a move led by the Board, who had the idea for the works since the Club’s inception two years ago. The switch to solar is expected to pay for itself in about three and a half years.

The installation of the solar panels follows the Club’s already existing eco initiatives, including use of a glass crusher to recycle stubbies that fill 3 to 4 bins a week, plus the sorting of kitchen waste into organic bins. The Club also recycles all paper and waters the greens through rain-collected tank water, plus has fitted the men’s bathrooms with a waterless urinal system which is water efficient.

The SAE Group has installed the top of the range solar system, which will make real savings on the cost of running air-conditioning and gaming rooms.

Luke Duke, Sales and Training Manager of the SAE Group says this new system is estimated to reduce 277 Kw hours of power per day, which will result in significant operational savings and environmental impacts.

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