National Bookshop Day

They say books are dying, so it follows that some bookshops may have to go too. Recently the only bookshop in Alstonville closed and we all stood by and listened (with sadness) to the announcement that all ABC shops will close. (Luckily the Ballina Downtown Sight & Sound ABC shop is independent and will not be affected.)

So we in Lennox Head should be counting our blessings—we have a healthy, thriving bookshop (Bookmark) which has been open now for 6 years. Beth Heldt started the second hand shop from scratch. After scouring op shops, school fetes and garage sales, she had hundreds of books ready to go onto the shelves. And within days she had hundreds more donated by family, friends and locals.

She has built her business on giving back to the community— sponsoring the preschool, several sporting clubs, Lions, Rotary, Ballina Hospital Auxiliary, a women’s refuge and the school fair, just to name a few. She encourages her customers to bring books back and receive one third of the price back. This way she ensures a regular turnover of books. She now estimates there are 10,000 on her shelves, and she supplements book sales with original artworks, crystals, and magazines. She also stocks local authors’ new books, and sources new titles for customers. She will even value your old books for you, if you think you have something special in your collection.

This Saturday from 10 til 3 she will celebrate National Bookshop Day at the shop with giveaways and special prices for kids.

All kids’ books are $1 and adults will receive a free book with every purchase.

Drop in on Beth and help her celebrate.

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