Pirate Of Lennox


After the media storm this week, The Lennox Wave is finally letting our special Pirates secret out of the bag.

Our own journalist and photographer Vic Leto is also an actor… and, yes, he has been working tirelessly as one of the core extras cast on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. 

And this real live man has told no tales in Lennox. As part of his contract Vic has been sworn to secrecy, not allowed to give away any of the plot or story line or production methods. Though the crew was coming to film in Lennox Head, he gave nothing away. Not even to his editor!

However, he is allowed to say that he grew his amazing beard especially for the film: a move he says has split his friends down the middle.

‘Some say keep it it’s great, others are saying, get rid of it. But it stays until after the wrap in July.’

Vic has been travelling off and on up to Gold Coast Studio and locations since January, at times sleeping in his van and doing hours of work far outside the usual working model. He says it is very rare to have a minimum 8 hour day, more like average of 12 –14 hour days, and a 17-18 hour day is not unheard of.

‘One night started at 3pm and we watched the moon rise and fall right through the night until sunrise next morning!’

‘I would have loved to have been involved in the Lennox shoot, because I could have slept right in until just before call time.’

He says the amount of effort that goes into the production (particularly on location) is enormous. The Lennox location shoot was relatively small, as it involved only a couple of the main cast, and will only end up being around a minute of the final film.

But Vic stayed far away from the filming yesterday. Ironically he was not a part of this particular scene, so he just had to sit by while his fellow actors strutted their stuff on the headland, and the whole of Lennox Head went into a frenzy.

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