Steiner Based Day Care

French-born child psychologist Helene Sprenger and her Kiwi partner Jimi Gatland have opened a new family day care in Lennox Head.

Le Cocon Family Day Care, as it is known, was a long-term project that the couple developed over several years during their travels throughout Asia and Europe. It combines their passions for the Steiner education approach, French culture and organic vegetarian food.

The centre, which is located at 12 Bombora Place off Ocean Breeze Drive, takes a new approach to the family day care model. It offers an all-inclusive service including organic food, bedding, cloth nappies and personal cleaning products.

“We wanted to provide an all-natural environment in which children can thrive, and the image of a cocoon for me really sums that up – both safe and nurturing,” says Helene.

The centre also provides immersion in French language and culture. The couple say research suggests that bilingual children demonstrate superior creativity, mental flexibility, attentional control and problem solving skills.

Jimi is a keen cook and is responsible for the centre’s “Around the World” menu which introduces the children to cuisines from all four corners of the globe.

Le Cocon Family Day Care is open from 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday and is operated through the Steiner-based Rainbow Bridge Family Day Scheme.

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