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With a long standing love of cycling, a new found passion for long distance walking and, after writing a successful series of popular paddling guidebooks, Scott Rawstorne is now putting his legs to work documenting the Great East Coast Trail.

The Great East Coast Trail (GECT) is a planned long distance walking and cycling route following the coast from Coolangatta to Coffs Harbour with our own Seven Mile Beach set to become a feature attraction of the trail.

Scott is the first to admit that he is not so much blazing a new trail but rather connecting the dots of existing trails. “Currently all these trails make for a somewhat disjointed puzzle and I intend to plot, chart and record a much clearer path.”

Scott’s vision for the GECT is more than just a guidebook. He also plans to create new tourist attraction that will bring both visitors and jobs to our region via day trips and multi-day trips. These Eco Tours will be supporting walkers and cyclists by booking accommodation, providing a gear hire service and carrying luggage from location to location. “The Northern Rivers region has a stunning and wonderfully accessible coastline and a multi-day walking experience of our own is long overdue.”

Scott is one of many disciples in praise of the global ‘Slow Movement’ that is challenging the cult notion that faster, action / extreme packed and louder is somehow better than doing everything quiet and slowly savouring the hours and minutes. It’s about experiencing a place slowly which means seeing it more clearly and finishing with a greater understanding and appreciation.

Scott literally ‘walks the walk’ and has leisurely strolled along the pathways of Hinchinbrook Island’s Thorsborne Trail and even completed the Coast to Coast Walk across England in 2011. You can follow the progress of this exciting new project on the Great East Coast Trail Facebook page which includes a slow sunrise ride, which I joined Scott for down Seven Mile Beach.

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