Duct Tape Duo


As many people in November were calculating odds, jockeys’ weights and handicaps Lennox Head was privileged to host a unique ‘Daily Double’ combination of some truly inspirational and unique people.

Pascale Honore has been paraplegic for twenty years, but still manages to go surfing. How? Her friend Tyron Swan actually uses duct tape to attach Pascale to his back and then carry her 50 kilo frame into the surf.

For so long confinement to a wheelchair meant that surfing would always be an unrealised dream for Pascale. At best she could sit by and watch her sons and their mate Ty surfing from the shoreline of their local breaks around Elliston South Australia. Then two years ago Ty’s duct tape experiment not only worked but has led to the duo continually getting better. They now even have ambitions to surf some of the world’s classic breaks including charging Tahiti’s notorious Teahupoo.

In the area for the Byron Surf Festival they didn’t get very favourable surf conditions up the Bay and with Pascale scheduled to spend an extended stay in hospital straight after the festival, her mood became even sadder than the surf.

Enter Lennox locals Billy and Taylor Hession along with Gregg Gale, who hearing of the duo’s plight took it on themselves to make sure Pascale got a wave before her admission to hospital so they organised a tow-In surf session at Lennox.

Bill went about liaising with Andrew Page of the Cape Byron Marine Park and Darren Watson from Roads and Maritime Service to grant permission for a special extension of conditions to launch a Jet Ski from the Lennox Boat Channel. Bill says “a session of Duct Tape surfing alone is an amazing feat and can only be made possible by the spirit of comradery which spreads around to everyone coming into contact with these two. Their inspiration seems to bring out the better qualities of humanity where everyone is willing to offer any assistance they can.”

Obviously raising funds is an issue for Ty as a Commercial Diver currently doing contract work in Broome.

Maybe there is a Punter out there who could back themselves into a trifecta and put in some sponsorship dollars into helping them get a smoother ride to the inside track.

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