Changing Perspectives By Sue Rado

by Vic Leto

A considerable audience gathered at the Northern Rivers Community Gallery in Ballina last Thursday night for the launch of the latest exhibitions by Sue Rado, Shani Miller and Valerie Kerr.

Of particular interest is the photographic play Fernleigh artist Sue Rado has created in her new body of work by contrasting her methods with a reflection of her own contrasting personal journey. Brought up as a teenager on the Far North Coast, Sue has recently returned after many years living in Budapest, Hungary and she has aptly titled her exhibit “Changing Perspectives.”

The works were created by working with photos from her collection of Hungary combined with her photography files of our local region. Technically speaking each image is two separate photos worked with digital imaging to overlay and combine as one, yet show the contrasts of both.

While we enjoy beautiful imagery of geographical contrasts combining European architecture and landscape with the natural beauty and tranquillity of our local region, for Sue these contrasts evoke very deep personal feelings and emotions. Her absence for so long from our region and lifestyle has made her much more aware of the wonderful natural treasures on offer where she grew up and how nonetheless she also dearly misses the greatly different lifestyle and cultural essences, a world away in a contrasting Budapest.

Sue’s unique images explore and interpret a sense of understanding, belonging and familiarity in her environment and are representative also of many other people’s experiences as we travel this globe and change our notions of home – wherever that may be.

In summary of Sue’s work and indeed all the other Artists’, the exhibition can only be rated ‘A Must See’ and art lovers are best advised to get themselves, friends, family and any visitors to the gallery before the 1st February.

Also check out the separate group exhibit titled ‘Panique’.

Gallery Hours: Wed to Fri 10am – 4pm, Sat & Sun 9.30am – 2.30pm

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