Dominic Azar Is Mr October

Manager Lennox Pizza & Pasta

Birthplace: Warren, NSW

Star Sign: Aries

Family: wife Sumi, dog Ninja

Favourite Food: Japanese

An education that included boarding school and university in Sydney, provided country boy Dominic Azar with a Bachelor of Physical Education and  helped him land a great job with the Department of Sport and Recreation.

It was that job that led him to Lennox Head in 1999, where he worked at the Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation camp in the busy summer months, supplementing his income at the Ballina Swim and Gym in winter.

After five years here, Dom decided to head overseas and take a year’s teaching contract in Japan. He fell in love with the place, and ended up spending five years there, because, he says the country ‘struck a real cultural, emotional and moral chord’ with him.

‘Ive got enormous respect for Japan and its people,’ he says.

He also fell in love with Japanese woman Sumi, who he met in the surf in Japan. She is now his wife and lives here in Lennox Head with him.

When the pair returned to Australia together Dom had plans to go back to university and get a degree in primary school teaching. To support himself during that study, he got a job working at Lennox Head Pizza And Pasta.

That was also a match made in heaven, and it turned out that the popular local pizza joint and Dominic were meant for each other. In the end the degree was put on hold and Dom accepted the permanent role of manager.

He is now pretty much in charge of the place when owner and boss Nathan Meredith is not around.

‘After five years I know the whole operation and can make pretty big decisions, do the ordering, and just run the place when I need to,’ he says.

‘Yes I have plans for the future—I’ve got my finger in some pies, but for the time being this is where I want to be.’

What’s the best thing about your job?

The staff. It is such a funny, friendly great fun team here. I don’t think I’ve ever worked in such an amazing environment before. Nathan is a really great boss and mentor.

Worst thing? The way I smell when I finish work.

Hobbies? Fishing and surfing

Work / Life Philosophy? Smile so people wonder what you’re thinking

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