Lennox Gelato & Coffee Co.

The team from left: Mel, Tash, Caroline, Claudia, Tanisha, Anna and Emma. In front: Rhys and Jake. Up the back: Dan with daughter Charlotte.

Earlier this year Dan McCabe at In The Pink told the town about his Rainforest Alliance coffee, imported from Mexico and roasted by his best mate Gaz Donovan in Burleigh Heads. Although he had been serving that special blend for some time, he wanted to give it its own identity, so he named it Lennox Head Coffee Company.

This month he has announced a rebranding of the whole business—to better reflect the nature of the business.

‘The shop began in 2003 and has evolved over this time into a local identity and we wanted a name to reflect that,’ says Dan.

‘We are very proud to make our Gelato at the shop in Lennox Head in the old Italian artisan way. Over the years we have produced many new flavours and we always enjoy the challenges our customers set us, such as Black Pepper Cherry, Pinot Noir Sorbet and Affogato!

‘To have our own coffee label and be involved all the way from the Coffee bush to the cup is very satisfying. And a huge thank you to our local suppliers and customers that make it so much fun.’


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