Lucky Number Comes Up For LeChelle

A series of uncanny coincidences have been the hallmark of Michelle Chandler and Tracey Armstrong’s relationship. Since the seventh of the seventh, seventy seven the girls have lived parallel lives, often converging and at other times doing identical things in different places. They have chosen identical cars, mobile phones, ring tones and outfits without knowing; they have given their sons the same name, worked in the same store, but different city, until eventually they teamed up again at Michelle’s Le Chelle fashion boutique in Lennox Head.

But the twin experiences didn’t end there and while these friends might be chalk and cheese in many ways, it seems the universe has plans for them to be together.

It all started when they began work at Woolworths on the same day way back in 1977. They hit it off immediately, and though their paths separated for some years, it wasn’t long before they met up again. From there the friendship blossomed and when LeChelle opened in the main street there was no keeping Tracey away.

And now, ten incredible years later, this month Michelle has celebrated the tenth anniversary of the opening of Le Chelle, and Tracey is still there by her side.

The girls are still doing what they do best: making women feel confident and look beautiful.

And Michelle is now grateful not only to Tracey but also to her own mother Shirlee Suffolk who is also helping in the shop and delivering that great old fashioned service.

You know what to do girls.

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