Special Guest Chef At Farmers Market

Why does Byron Bay and The Northern Rivers Food region offer access to such a diverse and stunning food bowl? Because we are blessed with rich and fertile volcanic soil, and pristine waterways.  To this enviable mix from nature, add a good healthy annual rainfall, some traditionally mild winters AND the world’s largest subtropical rainforest. Any one of these elements is exciting and intriguing on their own, but add them all together and you have a truly unique location for producing stunning food!

This is what is on show at the Byron Bay Farmers Market every week. And on June 14, local growers will welcome well-known chef, food tour operator and teacher, Terase Davidson to demonstrate some of her knowledge and skills on the food stage. She will be highlighting some of the market stall holders produce over two cooking and tasting demonstrations at 8:30am and 9:30am. It is a free event and all are welcome to visit the market, taste the produce and learn something new from this fellow food lover.

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