Watercolour Wildlife

Lauren Odette has that perfect light touch that makes for beautiful watercolour painting. Her animals come to life on the page because they are so subtly suggested there—perfectly understated, capturing the essence of the creatures portrayed.

They are on display at present at Blackboard Cafe; each one a perfect minimalist representation of an animal—most native fauna, with a couple of elephants especially created for a friend.

As a Wires volunteer, Lauren has plenty of contact with native animals. Looking after a lot of injured or orphaned animals and birds has given her ample opportunity to study them close up.

‘I’ve always had a passion for animals and birds, and I can remember ticking off the birds we’d seen in the bird book when we were young.’

Lennox resident Lauren was born in Newcastle but grew up locally.

She says she has always drawn and painted, crediting both her mum and dad for their own creativity and its influence upon her.

‘When I was young I remember I was given a set of Derwent coloured pencils and I spent most of my time licking them and using them as a wash, for that watercolour effect,’ she says.

‘Painting makes me happy, and whenever something happens that is difficult for me, I just have to paint.’

Although she began a teaching degree at university and studied floristry at TAFE, it is the painting that preoccupies her.

‘When I was studying floristry I spent a lot of time doing paintings of the flowers,’ she says.

These days she lives in the hinterland outside of Lennox Head where her studio consists of an old door on some trestles.

She works at Blackboard part time and is full time mother to 3 year old Van.

Look for ‘Lodette Art’ on Facebook, ‘Lodette’ on Instagramm or drop into Blackboard.

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