Sweet, Smooth, Spicy, Sticky

When we asked Jim Coakley from Lennox Grill why he chose to put on a 6 course degustation feast, he quite simply said, ‘Two things: to show people what we can do, and to showcase the amazing wines that we have at our disposal.’

According to Jim, the wines he will be serving on the night are not readily available, nor commonly known. And there’s nothing like drinking the right wine with the right food.

But, he says it’s also about capturing this particular moment in our calendar, when we transition into our version of winter—the days get shorter, the nights are colder, and it’s time to dig into something tasty and hearty.

The key to any degustation is taking advantage of what’s on offer locally, and Jim will make full use of our beautiful bountiful Ballina prawns, plus locally sourced lamb rumps. But it’s what he will do with these ingredients that will really have tongues wagging and mouths watering.

Let’s try a few of Jim’s words to describe the menu: sweet, spicy, smooth, punchy, wintery, creamy and sticky!

How can we resist?

Venue: Club Lennox
Date: June 4th
Time: 7pm
Wines: Tyrrells

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