Raw Food Life

According to people who have chosen to live a raw food existence, there is scientific proof that cooking not only destroys nutrition and enzymes, but chemically changes foods from the substances needed for health into acid-forming toxins, free-radicals and poisons that are bad for our health.

That’s all very well, but for most of us, the thought of never having roast potatoes or thai green curry, or fresh crusty bread again, is just too much.

Eva Hajkova agrees that it is difficult at first, and anyone who decides to live a raw food lifestyle will experience a detox. After all, we are addicted to certain types of foods.

But, she says, in her case, she is following her heart—listening to a message that was so strong after the birth of her second child, that she could not ignore it.

And to look into her eyes, and those of her husband Michal and her children, it is very clear that the raw food, organic, mainly vegan lifestyle is good for them.

The family exudes good health, but Eva says she and Michael don’t want to be too strict with the kids.

‘We don’t want them to feel like they are being denied things,’ she says.

‘If Eliska really wants a pizza, we might go and have one, but we will only have one small pizza between us, and it is not very often.

‘There are so many delicious things that you can make out of raw foods, that it makes it easy for us to live raw, organic, and vegan—90% of the time.

They are so committed to the lifestyle that Eva is now sharing it with others in the community.

She is running workshops in her own kitchen, in particular for families who’d like to try raw food living, but don’t know where to start.

Eva is extremely knowedgeable, committed and creative: the perfect ingredients for learning.

If you’d like to do one of her workshops or learn more you can contact her at eva.lysova@gmail.com.

Raw Food Workshop:

5 recipes: breakfast, drink, lunch, cashew dip, raw chocolate dessert.

Plus you learn about nutrition, storage, equipment, super foods, and you get access to Eva’s raw food brochure.

Cost: $35 including up to 2 children (which only covers the cost of the ingredients)

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