Perfect Match

Yes, these two are great together. But they are also a perfect match for their new business—Shorty’s.

Matt Starling and Carolina Meneses have taken a bold leap. From steady lucrative jobs in Sydney (which they were ‘not loving’) they have moved their Narrabeen lives to Lennox Head and taken possession of their new business, a funky restaurant and bar in the centre of town.

Carolina left her job as NSW Area Manager for Loreal, which often had her working 12 hour days, while Matt has left an acting career with credits that include Home and Away, All Saints and Fireflies.

‘At first we wondered, are we romanticising this?’ says Matt. ‘But then we thought about it a bit more and we knew that we wanted to give it a go.’

‘We had always thought that one day we would move up this way, and this was the sign,’ says Carolina.

Shorty’s has a reputation for great vibes, service and food, which is exactly what Matt and Carolina intend to focus on as they give the business their stamp.

They are absolutely wrapped in their young chef Tyson Butterworth, who has taken to his new role with real enthusiasm and is creating specials that sell out every night.

Get along and meet this pair (who will become Mr and Mrs Starling in September), and see how well they suit Shorty’s (and each other).

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