Lennox Head Lions Club

It is hard to believe that June has come around already. It seems the older you get the more quickly time flies, so I had better move it with this report!

We have given $1000 to support East Ballina Lion Bob Morgan’s walk from Alstonville Coles to Ballina Coles which he organised to raise money for a little girl’s specialised wheelchair. I went to Ballina to watch as young Violet gave us a demo of how this chair functions and was amazed firstly with just how skilfully she operated this device but also at how much more mobility she had through its use. The chair places her in a much more upright position assisting her with communication as well. The joy on her face said it all. Remember that we at Lions are only the conduit through which these donations are made. It is your community support that enables us to do this so thank you from us.

We will be holding our annual art show around the middle of August this year so all of you budding artists out there can start to plan for your entry to this event which was so successful last year.

Talking of future events, here are some that are in the pipeline. The date for the annual John Mitchell Charity Golf Day is Sunday October 12 this year. This is always a fun day so keep it in mind. As well, Lion Judy is planning a fun teams games night where we will throw down the gauntlet and challenge local clubs to some good old-fashioned games!

Finally, a big thank you to Lion Katrina for her donation of a large range of exotic liqueurs which we will probably raffle during the art show. New members Ros and Helen are shown in the photo doing their best to keep them out of the clutches of Lion Bob.

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