Family Curry Hub

Pictured from left: Raj, Jaswant, Dharminder and Aman (with baby Arman)

How wonderful to welcome two new families to town. These two Indian born couples have decided to make Australia home—not only that, but they’ve picked Lennox Head!

Friends Dharminder and Jaswant have bought the Indian restaurant in town and renamed it Family Curry Hub.

Although the two men have been living in Brisbane for five years, their new brides have only been out of India for one year. Both were arranged marriages, in the Indian tradition, organised by their parents back in the Punjab.

Last year Dharminder and Jaswant returned to India to marry, and brought their wives back to Oz. Since then Dharminder and his wife Aman have had a son, Arman. Jaswant and his wife Raj are expecting their baby in a few months.

The two families live together and work together, without the support of any family or friends in Australia.

They want to make their restaurant a place that welcomes other families and look forward to bringing their children up here.

The two men will use their chef qualifications (earned in Australia) to cook fresh, original, delicious Indian food.

Let’s make them feel very welcome.

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