See Ya Craig


We couldn’t let Craig Parry close his doors without one last hooray! It’s been an incredible 5 years since he first opened the doors to the Craig Parry gallery and some of those years have been difficult.

But his career has taken off in that time and he has built a genuine reputation for himself as an outstanding photographer, in particular of our marine world, from every angle.

He has won several awards in those years, and made a lot of newlyweds very happy. He has been generous with his local community and in particular with the businesses in town.

Craig and The Lennox Wave have had a long and mutually beneficial career—he has allowed us to use his shots for all sorts of stories and features, and he assures us that’s not going to end. His photos will still be available for viewing and purchase at his online gallery.

We wish him all the best in his career, but we have absolutely no doubt that he will succeed at everything he does.

Here are some words from Craig to the Lennox Head community.

‘I want to thank Lennox Head and The Lennox Wave for the amazing support over the past 5 years.

My gallery is gone but I’m not and I’ll always be here to support my community! You can keep up to date with my adventures on my Instagram and Facebook and you can still buy my images on my website. I’ll be photographing with National Geographic over the next 6 months so keep your eyes pealed for updates!

Thank you Lennox Head xx’

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  1. Tony Gilding

    Wow, Good work craig. Every photographers dream to be able to work with nat geo. im so glad we asked craig to do some work for us for our tv commercial before he got so famous we may never be able to afford him again. A nice guy and a great photographer. Tony Macadamia Castle

  2. Steve Carrigg

    Prior to moving to Lennox from Darwin a few years ago I visited Lennox on holiday. I went into Craig’s newly opened shop and simply went ‘wow’. There are plenty of photographers out there, but I have never seen one with Craig’s unique style and talent. My mum and my whole family came across from Perth for her 70th birthday. Craig was our chosen photogrpaher to celebrate the occasion and we will treasure those images for ever. congratulations to craig. I suspect this is just the beginning for you. steve carrigg.

  3. Louise

    i remember opening night and its sad to know you’re closed but onwards and upwards for a lovely person with a great talent.
    Good luck Craig and thank you for all the wonderful photos.


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