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We received this letter from a local resident, regarding the sudden disappearance of two of the best seats in Lennox Head. It’s difficult to imagine who would do such a thing, but some people clearly have no qualms about going out and taking whatever they want, from wherever they please. For those who are unfamiliar with the location, it is along the coastal track, in the northern section of  Pacific Parade, somewhere near Blackboard and Foam.

A few weeks ago, the two lovely weathered beachfront logs that had been a part of the landscape in Lennox Head for decades, disappeared over a couple of days. These logs were a favourite spot for locals to perch and look out to sea. They beat the cold metal seats provided by Council for simplicity and all year round comfort. We often saw groups having small picnics and couples snuggling together, based all around these logs.

Firstly, one was rolled down the slope towards the Parade. The next time we walked through it had gone. Then the other log quickly disappeared too.

I’m assuming there has been a purloining of logs, because the Council, in its commitment to safety, would have filled in the hollows left and removed the supporting stakes.

Therefore, will the log purloiners please return the best seats in Lennox?

Monica Wilcox

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  1. Col Rodrick

    hey monica. we can solve the mystery for you.

    We live just across the road from the crime scene. the logs were the venue for our first cup of tea of the day and are sorely missed by us too.

    the logs still exist. they were taken down the grass towards the beach and were positioned just behind the storm water outlet. one has been half burned. the other is still intact. we assume the offenders thought it was a good idea to have an ad hoc camp fire one night, but perhaps realised that pine treated with arsenic was not a good way to keep warm at night. i would love council to put them back – i doubt the yahoos who removed them are ever going to do it.

    cheers col rodrick

    • Monica Wilcox

      hi col,
      Great know that there are other log-lovers around.
      will do a reconnoiter & see if we can recruit some fellow log-lovers to re-instate the survivor.


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