What Future For The Lennox Head Caravan Park?

Ballina Environment Society is concerned about the Plans of Management that have recently been on exhibition for the three caravan parks at Brunswick Heads. The Plans of Management make claims to Crown Land outside their Byron Council licensed boundaries.

The claims relate to river-front land, including rights of way via paths that have been used freely by the public for a very long time.

The claim (Byron Echo 11/2/14) from the managing authority head Mr Jim Bolger, that because tents have been allowed on the land for a few weeks at peak times, it now belongs to the caravan parks is facetious. Usage by the public is far more continuous and has existed for far longer than anything Mr Bolger can claim. Serious environmental charges have also been made against his management.

BES is concerned that Mr Bolger is also the managing head of Lake Ainsworth Caravan Park. He has yet to produce a Plan of Management for that park.

But when Ballina Shire Councillors reluctantly handed control over Lake Ainsworth caravan park to Mr Bolger’s organization (now called NSW Crown Holiday Parks Trust)  Council did so with certain commitments made by the Trust.  Already we have seen moves from within Crown Lands to try to unilaterally change those conditions, in particular  to set aside the road reserve through the caravan park which is a well-used path through the park.

Lennox Head residents need to be watchful to ensure our access rights to Lake Ainsworth are protected.

Fiona Folan, Ballina Envirnment Society

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