Angela Ponsford is Ms March

Owner, Dotti Media, Social Media Consultancy

Birthplace: Irvine, Scotland

Star Sign: Leo

Family: husband Cameron & twin daughters Jasmin & Lily

Favourite Food: corn chips & salsa

Angela Parry came from Scotland to Australia on a one year working visa, with plans to travel and work her way around the country. But not long after her arrival, she met husband-to-be Cameron Ponsford, and five months later they were married.

‘It was quite funny, the way it happened. We had been talking about it, you know. And one day we visited a Registry Office in Melbourne and they were running a competition with a free wedding as the prize, so just for fun we entered.

Then we travelled north to another wedding. Weeks later we got a letter. We had won!

A lot of miles have been covered since those first days—Cameron and Angela travelled the country together, and ended up finding their way to the Northern Rivers, where they have settled and had twin girls.

Although Angela originally did a degree in forensic chemistry —and worked in the field back home—when she got here, she felt like a complete change. So she reinvented herself as a social media expert, starting her own social media consultancy providing training, management and advice.

‘It was while I was working for a Byron company I started doing some website and Facebook stuff. I got more and more interested in the field.

‘Then after I had the girls I saw the opportunity for staying at home and working, and it sort of went from there,’ she says.

When Angela is not at home working, she can often be found on the roller derby track as part of the Bay Rollers.

‘My friend Nicci called me up one day and said they were starting a team in Lennox Head and asked if I wanted to be involved. I said yes straight away, then went and googled ‘Roller Derby’, cos I had no idea what it was!

It’s a full contact sport played by two teams of five, roller skating in an anti-clockwise direction around a track. Each team has 4 Blockers and a Jammer. The Jammer scores points by passing members of the opposing team. The Blockers attempt to stop the opposing Jammer while also assisting their Jammer.’

Best thing about your job?

Being able to work from home at any time of the day or night.

Worst thing?

Having to wear all the different hats and not having anyone to work alongside.


Dancing when nobody is watching! (and Roller Derby!)

Work/life philosophy

Have Integrity, Take Responsibility, Be open to Change, Take Action, Wear Polkadots.

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