The Little Shop By The Sea

For a while there we thought that Talisman was going to close, but then Robert Boxell, who had always had an association with the shop, decided he would keep it open and run it himself.

Robert is a seasoned hand at importing and exporting, buying and selling furniture and beautiful things from around the world, particularly South East Asia, Africa, India and China.

He comes from London, but travelled a lot as a young man, and found his way to Australia many times before finally settling here.

For many years he has had a wholesaling business in Byron Bay, and still he likes to travel widely sourcing unusual, authentic, beautiful things that will be special for whoever ends up owning them.

‘I don’t want to buy so-called African stuff that is mass produced in China,’ he says. ‘I”m only interested in putting fabulous, quality things in here.’

And that is exactly what he has done. The range in Talisman is stunning and varied. From beautiful 2000 year old Roman coins set in silver,  mosaic mirrors and bone inlay trays, to Himalayan buffalo leather bags, Spanish shoes and Italian coffee cups. Everything in Talisman is eye catchingly beautiful or culturally interesting.

‘I could put things in here just because I know they will sell,’ he says. ‘But that’s not what I’m about. I want to give people something unique. I have a lot of one-of-a-kind objects in here.’

And Robert says, he loves his little shop by the sea.

‘The mood here is so different to Byron,’ he says. ‘I love coming to work here. The people in Lennox Head are great and the atmosphere on the main street is friendly.

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