Homegrown Warms Hearts

The Club Lennox fundraiser, Homegrown was held at the Community Centre on Saturday night and for those who don’t already know… it was a huge success and a fantastic night for everyone involved.

The performers were an eclectic mix in styles and standards from quality professionals to nervous amateurs just having a go. The Lennox Community Centre held over 250 people and they just kept coming all night.

According to Vic Leto, one of the organisers, ‘We ran out of food in the first hour and virtually couldn’t fit in any more tables and chairs. Late comers found the venue packed and had to find standing room only.

And while the performers entertaining the audience shone, gigs like this don’t just happen without a team effort led out front and pulled together by such a committed organiser like Peter Lino of Tintenbar Up Front!!!

However the star of the show really was John Southons of JJ Southon Sounds in Evans Head.

Says Vic ‘We can not thank him enough for his involvement, not only with the supply of sound and lighting gear but for remaining so obliging and courteous to all our performers throughout but especially while he was still setting up and managed an avalanche of anxious musicians rocking up (virtually all at the same time) asking for sound checks before he was even ready. Then his actual efforts throughout the night were sensational!!!’

This event is the last for the year for Club Lennox and it raised another $5000 towards the opening of the new Club.

‘We are all so privileged to live in a region with such a sense of community spirit,’ says Vic.



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