Ready For Some Pure Living?

If you’re sick of talking about it and you’re ready to really get in shape and feeling healthy by Christmas then this might be for you. It’s an 8 week, organic superfood meal plan designed for health and weight control and created by a nutritionist and an award winning chef.

Their concept is simple: following Billie Parson’s nutritional advice chef Andy Wheeler produces an organic selection of high quality superfoods that provide more than enough of the vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients our bodies require. He creates a beautiful selection of mostly raw and some cooked meals, including raw pastas, supergrain granola, vitamin packed raw salads and raw pad thai.

These are measured and portioned into six small daily meals and allocated to six days of the week (you get Sunday off!). It’s a complete, regulated meal plan for people who’d like to try a healthy superfood diet.

If you want to participate you need to sign up for the 8 week program.

At only $189 a week, it’s cheaper than supermarket shopping, takes all the cooking out of your life, and will make you feel fantastic.

The first 8 week program starts 14th October, 2013. Registration is open now. Contact Billie on 0416 778 137,  email, or drop into Ellenix.


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