Club Lennox Update

Club Lennox organisers are quietly confident that the doors will open sometime in December. Before that happens, there’s still plenty to be achieved. Although the de-amalgamation document has been signed, there is still some work to be done to finalise the lease.

The club building will also have an interior face lift before the opening. Corliss Robb from the Santa Fe Motel has been working with a number of people to come up with a wow factor interior design. She and her team will choose a new colour scheme and make some changes to the interior.

When the doors are flung open, newly appointed general manger/bar manager Geoff Martin will be at the helm.

So far the club has raised over $110,000 with a goal of $200,000. The efforts of the Community and the volunteers are slowly paying off.

All tickets in the car raffle have now been sold and the draw will take place this Saturday the 19th of October in the Cherry Street Bowling Club at 7:30pm. Come along and join in a wonderful evening. Who will be the Lucky person? Sponsors are Mays Motors, Trevor and Angela Brand, Cherry St Bowling Club.

Club Lennox membership Numbers: We have had a number of people pay over a $1000.00, therefore they have received a 10 year membership. If there is anybody out there that wishes to donate to the club an amount in excess of $1000.00 then they will be given a 10 year membership.

Volunteers. Thank you to those people who have been volunteering, many hands make light work. We need more people, so contact Pip carter on 0405 141 537 and register your name.

At the AGM last week, the following members were elected to Committee positions:

Chairman: Phillip Michael Carter

Vice Chairman: Colin Douglas Skennar

Hon Secretary: No Nominations from the floor (thus still vacant)

Treasurer: Lindsay Clarke

Ordinary Director: Daryl James Vidler

Ordinary Director: Doug Robb

Ordinary Director: No Nominations from the floor (thus still vacant)

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