The Truth About Weightloss

Yes, it’s a big industry and Gavin Tierney has made some money from it over the years, but he says, the weight loss industry is based on misinformation.

‘I know I’ll be unpopular with some people’, he says, ‘but I tell the truth about the industry.’

‘There are a lot of people out there with a vested interest in making it a lot more complicated than it has to be.’

‘It’s quite simple, what you put into your body you get back. I call it energy in/energy out.’

‘The key to losing weight is really all about what you put into your body.’

Gavin’s journey has been a long one. It probably all started with his experience as a cancer patient when he was only a small child. Being so sick so young exposed him to the importance of staying healthy—an interest that was to eventually lure him away from his job as warehouse manager with Microsoft in Sydney and into a Bachelor of Human Movement Science at SCU in Lismore.

When he graduated he began his new career working as an exercise physiologist, and for a while he had a small gym in Lennox Head.

For the most part he has worked one-on- one with individual clients helping them to get fit and lose weight. Many of those clients found his style and his words inspiring and lots of them told him that he should write a book. So he did.

Lifelong Weight Loss has been a 3 year labour of love, based upon Gavin’s years of knowledge and experience.

Published by Barker Deane it is for sale at Lennox Bookmark and Gavin is offering special deals for locals: the book for only $20 or book plus one hour consultation for only $60.

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