Leading Martial Artist to Visit Lennox Head

One of the world’s leading martial artists and master of the, until recently secretive, art of Hapkiyusul, Kim Yun Sang, will visit the Northern Rivers in August. Dojunim Kim will be training with local martial artists to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Hapkiyusul in Australia, and will give a free public demonstration of his skills at the Lennox Head Community Centre from 6.30pm on Wednesday, August 7th.

Experienced martial artists who have seen Kim in action say his skills include the ability to throw an opponent without appearing to touch them.

Kim Yun Sang studied under the founder of the martial art, Choi Yong Sul until Choi’s death in 1986. Choi and Morihei Ueshiba , founder of modern Aikido, both trained under the late Sokaku Takeda, known as “The last of the Samurai”, in a form of Aiki-jujitsu dating back to 9th century. After the Second World War Choi returned to Korea to teach and his pupils, including Kim Yun Sang, went on the develop the modern art of Hapkido. When Choi died, his family asked Kim to preserve his art and Kim founded his own school of Hapkiyusul to preserve Choi’s legacy.

Now, 40 years later, Dojunim Kim continues to train daily and has dedicated his life to passing on his knowledge to new practitioners of Hapkiyusul which literally translates as “The Way of Focused Ki”.

For more information see: www.yongsulkwan-australia.com or phone Jarrod Taylor on 0401 056 213.

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