Empowering Homes

Did you know your home can be a place of solace from the world, a sanctuary of renewal that supports you in fulfilling your dreams?  By increasing your awareness of different aspects of your home you will gain insights into the secret messages it offers about the deep-seated beliefs you hold about yourself and the world.

Based on these insights you can make simple adjustments often with powerful life enhancing results.

Let’s start with an example…

Imagine you are a stranger approaching your front door for the very first time.  What was the journey to the door like?  Was it easy to get there?  Were you confident you were at the right place?  How does it feel now you are there?  Does the entrance look welcoming and inviting?

Now have a good look at the actual door.  Pay attention to the style, the condition it is in and things like the materials and colours used.

All of these elements contribute to telling a very significant story.

The front door to your home literally represents the gateway between your inner and outer worlds.  Between who you really are and how you present yourself to the world.  It is the place where first impressions are made, just like when you meet a person for the first time.

How did you go with the questions?   Perhaps you felt very happy at the doorway and looked forward to going inside.  Or perhaps you noticed that the door needed a new splash of paint or some pot plants in area would make it more appealing.  Either way, it is important to remember there is also no right or wrong.  It is YOUR home.

Developing your relationship to your home and using your intention with any adjustments can be a fun and rewarding journey that has a positive impact far beyond your own walls…

Emily Rooney is one of a select group of Master Educators of Interior Alignment® worldwide.  She is a feng shui teacher & lifestyle coach, passionate healthy home advocate as well as Reiki Master.


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