Does Culture Matter?


Here’s a little reminder that Ballina Shire Council is developing a cultural plan and there are two weeks left to participate.

This will be a first for Council, so they are undertaking wide community consultation to ensure that it represents the largest possible number and widest diversity of residents.

The term ‘culture’ can include a variety of activities and pursuits, from football to fine art, from chess club to church. So if you are engaged in a cultural activity that you believe needs to be written into a cultural plan, or if you have an opinion about culture or any part of it, then you should participate in the Council’s online survey.

If you’d rather fill in a hard copy survey you can do that at Lennox Art Gallery (next to Vinnies) or outside Lennox Library. Have your say on culture, it only takes about 5 minutes.

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  1. Max Perrot

    Greater significance and wider support of new and emerging cultural activities should be supported in consultation with community based arts, sporting and youth organisations. It seems that in the past local government bodies have been slow to support these new activities and miss the peak of interest from the corresponding generations of residents in these activities. With consultation these new and emerging cultural activities could be identified and support available when the most interest and support for the cultural activity from the community occurs.


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