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Massage – One of the oldest healing traditions

A good Osteopath will always include a good massage as part of their treatment; in fact I’ve always thought families and couples should do it for each other as part of their weekly routine.

It’s amazing how good it feels for a warm relaxed pair of hands to give you that soothing caring touch.  As soon as your skin’s nerve cells sense that pair of hands they send a “chill-out” message to the brain.

A recent study in the international journal of Neuroscience found massage activates your parasympathetic nervous system.  That means it hits a “reset button” for so many things in your body.

Without getting too technical, here’s how it works and some of the benefits.

The vagus nerve, the main parasympathetic highway between your brain and major organs sends a message to your Lungs to breathe more deeply and slowly and restores your body to a resting state.

During a back and neck massage you’re heart rate can drop by more than 10 beats per minute and blood pressure is reduced.

Your immune system is also enhanced by the stimulation of the massage and your infection fighting white blood cells and natural “killer cells” go on vigilant patrol hunting down viral and bacterial cells.

Massage also does wonders for the glandular function of your body including instructing the adrenal glands to act back on the release of stress hormones or cortisol and reduce anxiety.

Massage increases circulation and oxygen to your cells, this in turn creates better health in the tissues of your body and will lead to increased energy levels.

Apart from all of those benefits, massage is a wonderful pain relief; it loosens and balances muscles that may be causing tightness, spasm and nerve compression.


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