Life-Changer For Local Women

Jaki Connaughton comes from a little village in Ireland called Ballymoe, where she grew up in the local pub “The Grove” as the Publican’s daughter.

She first came to Australia many years ago, on a working holiday and worked for a company that helped build the cross city tunnel in Sydney and it was there that she met young Aussie engineer Dominic Byrne and the rest as they say is history.

Fast forward to the present day and Jaki and Dominic are living together in Lennox Head where Jaki is setting up her business called “Style Your Mind”.

Although she’s had an extensive career in the cosmetics industry Jaki’s number one focus is working with women to create body confidence.

And she is enormously well qualified to do that. Not only is she a dynamo—a bright sparkling Irish gal—she is also genuinely concerned for women’s emotional wellbeing, and determined to use all her knowledge to help increase positivity and confidence amongst them.

Her background and training provide her with a diverse skill set to call upon: Personal Trainer, StyleCoach, Make Up Artist (Mary Kay) and NLP Master Practitioner (someone who works with clients to understand and alter the conversations they have with themselves that can affect the way they live their life.)

She has written a three month program called the Evolution Revolution, designed for women who are interested in a physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. For 90 minutes a week, over three months Jaki will take 10 women on a journey that will change their lives.

The program includes fitness training, dietary and cooking advice, mind set changes, make up workshop and even a wardrobe declutter!

If you are interested in setting yourself a personal challenge to change your life for the better, get in touch with Jaki on

0451 974 461, or visit

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