Rolling Again


If you’ve noticed some activity on the Club Lennox bowling greens of late, you may want to know what’s going on. Club members have been attending what they call a ‘roll up’ where players come along to catch up with each other, to practice their technique and generally give the place a bit of life.

Since the departure of Dave Hall, who was employed as greenkeeper at the club for 17 years, a group of hard working volunteers, led by ex-greenkeeper Glen Grady, has been keeping the greens in shape.

Glen retired over 20 years ago from the trade and these days has a milk run in Ballina. He has been getting up at 3 am to do his run, knocking off around midday and then turning up a the Club 2 days a week to work on the greens.

‘At the moment,’ he says, ‘it’s not too much of a problem because during winter things slow down, the greens lie fairly dormant, and just need mowing and rolling. However, when September comes along, this will no longer be enough.’

Glen also says that his work has been made a lot easier by the great foundation laid by Dave over all those years. ‘I haven’t really been doing much to be honest,’ Glen says, ‘it’s all down to Dave, the great condition that the greens are in.’

Glen is also being helped by club president Col Skennar and members Ken ‘Mouse’ McGuire and Norm Wilson. This small team have not only been keeping the greens, but also trimming hedges and surrounds, and generally keeping the place ship shape.

There is, as yet, no access to the Club itself, so there can’t be any competition, and any use of the premises will be strictly limited to these informal roll ups.

Members and the committee are hoping that the Club will open officially later this year.

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    Well done to these blokes, this is what LENNOX is all about, lest all remember them when the club is open, I reckon every bowler will owe them a beer or 3. GO CLUB LENNOX

  2. Ken Frampton

    After two wet starts it was great to see so many people both men and women turn up for a practice on Thursday 16th.
    “Sir” Les Chaseling opened the session by delivering the first bowl on the green named after him.
    To Glen, Col, “Mouse” and Norm who prepared the greens and surrounds a BIG thank you.


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