Parry Outpaced

If you’re going to get beaten in a race, who better to lose to than Tex Perkins? (And Pete Murray and Mandy Nolan!)

Last Sunday at the Bangalow Billy Cart Derby, that’s exactly what happened to Lennox Head photographer Craig Parry, as he bravely boarded a vehicle with which he was entirely unfamiliar, and entered a competition quite different to those he is used to winning.

Early in the race Parry showed real class, striking a relaxed racing-car driver pose, and looking as if he was about to kick back and cruise to the finish line. But in the end it was his vehicle that let him down, as it seemed to lack the grunt necessary to reach anywhere even close to a winning speed.

Still, Craig took it like the celebrity that he is, and cruised to the finish line anyway, enjoying plenty of support from Lennox locals in the crowd and adding to the fabulous vibe that is the annual Bangalow Billy Cart Derby.

According to another local Libby Lund-McDonald, Parade & Celebrity Race Coordinator, this year’s Derby had a record 252 entrants overall and 600 hay bales lining the streets. Good weather ensured a massive turn out and plenty of fun was had by racers and spectators.

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