Lennox Triathletes Leave the Rest Behind

Ainslie Bakker

Local Lennox Head athlete, 16 year old Ainslie Bakker surprised herself, other competitors, her coach and her family and friends on Saturday, when she not only won her own age category 16-19 years, but also came out overall women’s winner in the Byron Bay Triathlon, with a time of 2 hours 8 minutes and 10 seconds.

Meanwhile, fellow Lennox Head resident Joseph Lampe was also trouncing the opposition in the men’s competition with a winning time of 1 hour 45 minutes and 47 seconds.

Both athletes are coached by local Grant Giles, who was himself a professional athlete before starting his own coaching company, Aeromaxteam, which he runs out of Lennox Head.

Many Lennox Head residents may not know that their town is actually a training hub for elite and professional athletes, in particular for triathlons and iron man and iron woman events.

Grant has around 50 to 60 athletes on his books, most of whom participate in on-line coaching, but many also visit Lennox Head during the year for coaching camps and one-on-one work with Grant and his coaches.

Byron Bay Triathlon Results

Top Men

1 Joseph LAMPE 1:45:47

2 Giles CLAYTON 1:50:24

3 Brian FULLER 1:50:51

4 Brad CLARK 1:51:21

5 Shane BARRIE 1:52:25

6 Ben FORDE 1:52:41

7 Daniel MACPHERSON 1:53:11

8 Brad MATHERS 1:54:41

9 Patrick BALDACCHINO 1:55:11

10 Adam GORDON 1:55:21

Top Women

1 Ainslie BAKKER 2:08:10

2 Krista MEARES 2:09:02

3 Sarah CROWLEY 2:09:56

4 Lisa WALTON 2:10:45

5 Rosie MCGEOCH 2:13:13

6 Natalie SHEFFIELD 2:13:31

7 Lucy KENNEDY 2:13:41

9 Heidi SOWERBY 2:13:48

10 Brooke COLBY 2:14:03

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