Beautiful Boards

There’s not much more to say about Alex Dalrymple’s business except to quote from his artist’s statement:

‘For us, skating is more than pushing a piece of material along the ground, and crafting a board is more than pressing a button. D&F Boards was born as a response to the current trend of mass produced skateboards, which are stamped out by a machine from unsustainable imported materials.’

Alex Dalrymple and his twin brother Ben have collaborated on the D&F Boards project. Alex, who is a civil engineer living in Lennox Head and working for Baulderstone, does the physical cutting, sanding and shaping, while Ben, who is a graphic designer living in Brisbane, comes up with the designs.

The result is a range of stunning wooden skate boards—part board, part art— beautifully shaped and sculpted by the brothers who believe in using local, sustainable timbers like plantation Hoop Pine, Rose Gum and Jarrah (from WA) and the best quality parts and engineering to ensure they last forever.

According to Alex these are ‘cruising boards’, and because they are created from solid pieces of wood—some with laminated insets—they are stiffer, but more responsive than your average skate board. Visit

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