Meet the real locals

What a privilege it is to live in a town where natural beauty is so generously abundant. It’s easy to see why holiday makers flock here. But how many of us make enough time to stop and appreciate our local natural world? Or stop and make sure that it is doing ok? What do we know about the plants and animals who have been here for so long, and have so kindly shared their town with us?

For me the answers to these questions would be: definitely haven’t made enough time to appreciate local natural world, don’t really know if its doing ok but hope someone else is keeping an eye on it, and definitely don’t know enough about our local plants and animals but am keen to learn!

This year I hope to improve on the answers to my questions! And have made a start by joining the Lennox Landcare Group and already I feel like I’m on a journey of understanding our local environment so much more! So let me introduce you to a couple of very special locals that might otherwise go overlooked.

Meet Macaranga: This unmissable local native is almost all heart! With very large close to heart shaped leaves, its a great giver of shade. However it’s giving nature doesn’t stop there, it produces plentiful fruit, which is appreciated by many birds, including rosellas and lorikeets. A common medium sized tree noticeable along the coast road from Lennox to Ballina.
Meet Tuckeroo: A common local native who likes hanging out behind the sand dunes of Lennox. Its character is one of enormous strength, as it stands up to so much huff and puff, seeming to tolerate anything our winds throw at it. Many can be observed loitering in the bush opposite the Blackboard cafe! A small to medium sized tree with thickish dark green leaves. Sometimes we forget that we are part of a natural world, I get why we do this, but it feels so good to stop and remember.  If you can make it, come and meet the real locals at Lennox Landcare, they’re an inspiring and positive bunch… and they could do with a little extra help fighting off some rather pesky weeds!

If you would like more information, call Malcolm on 6687 5602 or Barbara on 6687 5609 or just turn up at one of the working bees. Apart from the sites below we also have teams working regularly at the lower point area and at Skennars Head.

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