Disco Fundraiser

April 12 will see the first in a series of community events designed to raise funds for the opening of the new Club Lennox.

It will be a disco for kids of all ages, starting with the littlies as young as 3yrs at 5.30 and then, in three phases, involving children right up to 18. It will be held at the Lennox Head Cultural and Community Centre.

According to one of the organisers Vic Leto, part of the DJ team from Disco Static, ‘The disco format is a proven way of involving all the kids, and ensuring that they have fun. We’ve got all sorts of music, games and dances that we bring out for the different age groups,’ he says. ‘They love it.’

Vic is working closely with Janette Parker from the Lennox Head Preschool, who has years of experience working with children and involving parents.

According to Janette, ‘We felt it was crucial to give all kids the opportunity to come along, but with the real littlies it is also important to make sure that they are safe and supervised.’

That is why kids will be registered and kept inside until picked up by parents. Organisers are encouraging parents make a night of it by being a guest and patronizing the nearby café and restaurants.

And they insist, everyone is invited. This is NOT just an exclusive Lennox or School Disco but an open call for all kids to party together within the Lennox community.

The Pree’z -to- Teen’z DISCO

5.30pm – 6.30pm:

Pree’z, Kindy and Family – Mixed pre-schoolers and kindy (Age 3 –7 Years approx.)

Parents’ attendance is particularly encouraged at this session.

Dress theme – Colours of the Rainbow

$5 each or $10 / Family.

7pm – 8.30pm:

Tweenz (Age 8 –12 yrs approx.)

Dress theme – Craziest HAIR

$7 each

9pm – 11pm:

TeenZ (Age 13 – 18 yrs approx.)

Dress theme–Come as Beauty or the Geek?

$10 each

The entrance fee will include a drink and snack.

Also offered for sale as part of fundraising will be other food, snacks and drinks.

D.J., hit music, games, lots of fun and prizes for each age group where you are the star.

Each session will be locked-in. No going outside or leaving the venue until the end of session. Children must be collected from inside the Centre foyer by parents or a responsible guardian.

Supervision and security will be present but not a child minding service.

There will be ZERO tolerance to the presence of any alcohol or drugs.

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