New Rubbish System Is Not Garbage

There are some very good reasons for the introduction of the new 3 bin system, not the least of those being that we are running out of room to dump our waste. What’s more, our rubbish is creating lots of methane, the deadly gas that contributes to global warming. So we need to get smarter and greener with our rubbish.

These bin sizes should represent the waste that comes from your home.

In Ballina Shire most household rubbish is recyclable – even the organics. So after you have put the meat, vegetable and garden waste in the organics bin and your plastics, metals, glass, paper and cardboard in the recyclables bin, there should be very little waste left for the garbage bin. Non recyclables such as plastic packets, wrap, foam and plastic bags need to go in the garbage bin, as do nappies.

The Green (organics) bin is picked up every week, like your old garbage bin was, as it contains all the things that break down and omit odour. Special bags are even available if you don’t want to use newspaper to wrap your scraps – just make sure they are compostable, not simply ‘biodegradable’. The reason we separate organics to compost is because when it’s buried in landfill it decomposes without oxygen and creates methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

By recycling right and composting our organics we are reducing our impact on climate change and saving on landfill space – a great outcome for our planet and community.

Jeanie McKillop, North East Waste Forum Coordinator

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