Don’t mention the weather

Photo by Jason Mumford (we’ve called it ‘Puppychino’)

Very brief news week this week, with not much to report. It’s due to the abysmal weather that is wearing us down with this boring routine of more wind and rain. I’m not going to mention the forecast or the mould growing on the walls.

And while we are onto boring routines, I will remind everyone that a footy tipping competition is by its very definition, a game played by more than one person, and preferably by more than six. So if you are planning to sign up to the Lennox Wave tipping comp, but haven’t got around to it, now would be the time and here would be the place.

Men and women are invited to hear a young and very inspirational speaker at the International Women’s Day lunch on 7 March at the Beef and Beach. Read more about Stephanie Lorenzo and her quest to end child sex trafficking here.

This month the Lennox Head Chamber of Commerce’s Business After Hours Networking evening will be on Wednesday 6 March 2013, 5.30pm at Lennox Physiotherapy and co-hosted by Sally Petrie and John & Teresa Peacock from ChemDry. For more on the Chamber visit their website.

The March issue of The Lennox Wave is at the printer right now, and will be delivered to main street businesses on Friday and letterboxes (without a ‘no junk mail’ sign) over the weekend. Extra copies will be available at the newsagent from the afternoon of Monday 4 March and from key businesses including the Professionals, Blackboard Cafe, the service station, Tintenbar and Newrybar shops.

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