Hutley Drive extension

Council has put on display its development application for the extension of Hutley Drive south from the Pines Estate to the Elevation estate, where it will join with North Creek Road just near where it turns into Skennars Head Road.

The application seeks consent for the construction of a 1.3km two-lane carriageway which will be contained within a 20m corridor and will include a pedestrian and cycle path. (Indicated on the map by the black line).

The development application and associated documents including the EIS and SIS may be inspected at Council’s Customer Service Centre between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday (excl. public holidays), or at the Lennox Head Library, 1 Mackney Lane, Lennox Head during normal Library hours, or inspected at the Department of Planning & Infrastructure’s offices, or on Council’s website by clicking on the DAs Online link on the front page at

The documentation will be available for inspection until Monday 11 March 2013.

Any interested person may make a submission to Council in relation to any aspect of the development application. Submissions close: 4.30pm Monday 11 March 2013.

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