Optus has its way in Basalt Court

Despite support provided to residents by Council on this matter, Optus has had its way with the installation of a mobile phone tower on the water tank in Basalt Court. Many Lennox locals will have been following the struggle of the residents who live in close proximity to the tower, whose concerns about possible health effects have been aired in the media and heard by politicians across the state. Unfortunately their protests have fallen on deaf ears, and now it looks like Optus will be granted a lease. Council has extended the time for submissions on this matter as below.

Council notice regarding the Optus tower in Basalt Court

Council is proposing to enter into a Lease Agreement with Optus Mobile Pty Limited for five years, followed by three option periods of five years each, for the operation of a mobile telephone facility on community land (Part Lot 47 DP 240657 at 2A Basalt Court, Lennox Head – a Council water reservoir site).


In 2011 Optus installed on the site, telecommunications equipment, in accordance with the Telecommunications Act 1997. Under this legislation Council was not legally able to stop the installation. The legislation also allows Optus to voluntarily enter a lease with Council and agreed lease terms and conditions have now been negotiated between both parties.

The subject land is classified ‘community’ land, and in accordance with Section 47 (1) & (2) of the Local Government Act, 1993, public notice of the proposed lease must be provided.

Any person may make a submission in writing to Council on the proposed lease. Where a submission is an objection the grounds of objection must be specified. All submissions, including personal information, will become publicly available and will be made available to the applicant and any other interested members of the public.

All submissions will be reported to the Council for consideration by the elected Councillors prior to the proposed Lease being finalised.

Submissions close: The previous closing date for submissions was Thursday 10 January 2013. This has been extended to Thursday 31 January 2013.

Enquiries: may be directed to Paul Hickey, General Manager, Ph 6686 4444 up until 14 January and after that time to Chris Grant, Property Manager, Ph 6686 1224.

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