Say Hi to some new faces

Karolina Morris at Baby Sesame

We have several new businesses operating in town this month, and we thought it worthwhile introducing you to them, just in case you need to find that special gift or give yourself a treat in the lead up to Christmas.

Space Travel?

Want to travel into space, dine out with a Hollywood celebrity or sleep in a cave in Turkey? Want to take a waltz lesson in Vienna before attending a winter ball? How about dining with an Italian Countess in her villa?  Well Alana Russell can make it happen for you. If you’re planning a holiday, get in touch with Alana, who is operating MTA Travel, a special travel planning business from her home. Email Alana at

Kiddies’ Fairyland

Just take a couple of flights of stairs, up above Fishy Fishy and Sea Poppies, and before you know it you’ll be walking right into fairyland. And this is no cheap or chintzy joint—this place is for fairies (and elves) with oodles of class. If you haven’t got kids or grandkids, or nieces or nephews between the ages of 0 to about 10, you’ll find yourself inventing a distant third cousin, just so you can shop at Baby Sesame. Drop in a see Karolina at shop 9 80—84 Ballina Street.

Cafe with a French twist

Locals will love the new French twist to the food at Blackboard Deli & Cafe, that includes the classics like croissants and crepes, baguettes, quiche and charcuterie, but also plenty of Aussie favourites, plus simple elegant dishes like Haloumi salad with puy lentils, or a beer battered barramundi and fries, or chicken pancetta and sage skewers. And there’s metres of blackboard and plenty of chalk to entertain the kid in all of us. Give them a call on 6687 4333, or just drop in.

Feel beautiful

Terrena Rowan’s philosophy for her new Villaggio Spa is to make it a special place, where she provides professional caring service on a physical and spiritual level. Terrena believes that beauty is not just topical, but comes from within, and so she has developed a business that makes people aware of their own beauty, ensuring that they feel really good at the end of their treatment. Call Terrena on 0431 068 681 for bookings.