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Nerve Pressure

We’ve talked a lot about nerve pressure causing pain somewhere along the path of the nerve and how manual therapy from an Osteopath can loosen the muscles through massage and relieve the nerve pressure through manipulation.

Apart from possibly causing pain, there is the possibility that it will manifest in other symptoms,  this is both evidence based and scientifically proven. “ The nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the body.” ( Gray’s Anatomy 29th Edition) If you stripped the body down the nerves would look like veins and arteries running all over the body from either side of the spinal cord. Any pressure along their pathway can cause pain or symptoms, so you don’t have to have pain you could just have symptoms.

Some examples of this are:

C1  ( The first vertebrae in your neck) if not correctly aligned can cause headaches, migraines, nausea or vomiting, chronic tiredness, dizziness or vertigo, meniere’s disease, fuzzy head or lack of clarity.

C2  If pressure is on the nerve from this bone it can cause eye trouble or twitching of the eyes, ear aches or difficulty with hearing, sinus trouble.

C7  The nerves supply the lower neck muscles  to the shoulders and thyroid gland. Symptoms can include very tight trapezius and lower neck, bursitis.

T1  The first thoracic vertebrae supplies the arms from the elbows down, esophagus and trachea. Symptoms can include pins and needles in the arms or arm/hand pain, cramping of hands, chronic cough.

L3   In the middle of your low back supplies nerves to knees, bladder, uterus and sex organs. Can cause impotence, bladder trouble, menstrual problems, knee pain or weakness.

It’s important to remember that our body is reliant on blood, oxygen and nerve supply to  function at optimum levels.  If pressure from injury or muscle tightness causes nerve impingement then we may have pain or other symptoms that we often don’t relate to such a simple structural imbalance.

So if your eye is twitching and you feel like you’re winking innapropriarely at everyone, a simple neck treatment should fix it!

Cheers, Michael Petrie Osteopath

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