Man Of The Month

Sam Schott, Builder

Star sign: Gemini

Birthplace: Byron Bay

Family: sisters Monique and Melissa, and girlfriend Lisa

Favourite food: Thai

Favourite film: Saving Private Ryan

It’s not that often you meet a genuine local like Sam Schott, who was born in Byron Bay, attended the local schools and grew up surfing the local breaks.

These days Sam calls himself a Lennox lad, and lives in town in a house that he built himself. Actually, the build was technically a renovation, because Sam very cleverly kept three walls of the original house that was on the site, and added the rest of the building around them. Now you can’t find any signs of that original shack anywhere, and instead what you see is a large, two storey, contemporary four bedroom, two bathroom, one study house, with high ceilings and special features.

So good is this ‘renovation’ that Sam won an award at the recent Master Builders Awards, where he was presented with a Merit Award for Best Renovation Under $300,000. He is a talented designer, who drew up much of the layout of the new house himself. He also saved tens of thousands of dollars on the project by buying second hand wooden doors and windows on Ebay – reducing what could have been up to a $90,000 cost to around $7,000.

‘I bought the double-hung sash windows first and I basically designed the house around that,’ he says.

Sam saved hard so that he could afford the project, and he now helps pay the mortgage by turning his house into a share house and renting rooms out to mates.

He already employs a couple of tradesmen and has ambitions to expand his business in the future, hoping to work on the high-end special projects, that involve beautiful architectural design and construction of different interesting houses.


What’s the best thing about your job?

Doing different stuff every day and working outdoors.

Worst thing?



Surfing, spear fishing, tennis, soccer, table tennis, pool.

Work/Life philosophy?

Work hard, play hard.

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