Chah Bah

Meet the gang from Chah Bah, the new Mediterranean style restaurant that has opened in town in the 9092 shopping complex, offering a range of affordable Moroccan, Greek, Italian, Spanish and French food.

Chah Bah is run by Jim Gelagotis and James Emanuel, but it’s a family affair, with James’ wife Syreeta (a qualified pasty chef) also working in the kitchen. And these guys also made a very wise decision when planning the refurbishment of their new restaurant — they made a space for their children out the back, where they can hang out and have family time. It’s a brilliant idea for two families who are running a family restaurant.

But out the front it’s a smooth operation, with a special takeaway booth offering the same fresh, local, affordable fare (burgers, chicken, souvlaki) and a comfortable sit-down restaurant  that is open for brekkie, lunch and dinner. Drop in.

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