The War On Litter


Lennox locals are passionate about keeping their public spaces free of litter knowing that it often ends up polluting waterways and damaging wildlife.

At the recent Lennox Market local volunteer Liz Griffiths ran an information stall in collaboration with North East Waste to talk to the community about litter issues and encourage people to ‘team up to clean up’ in their local parks and reserves.

Ballina Mayor David Wright stopped for a chat and to offer his support saying “we live in such a beautiful part of the world, it’s up to us all to keep it that way. Litter is so unnecessary and it costs the community and council ”.

So if you’d like to be part of the solution to litter pollution join the groundswell to rid our town of unsightly litter. For more information contact Liz Griffiths on or NE Waste’s Litter Project Coordinator at

What a great New Years’ resolution!

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  1. Richard

    First of all what is with the Mayor giving the FINGER sideways???? Secondly, get rid of those disgusting new POO adverts with dying animals our tax money paid for! A 5 year old could do a better advert for protecting our waterways!


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