Meet Freddie Fitler

On Sunday 18 February, Brad Fitler and several other NSWRL (won’t ruin the surprise) footballers will be coming through Lennox on their annual Hogs 4 Homeless (H4H) charity run.

H4H started in 2012 after Brad heard the statistics that in the lucky country 17% of homeless people are under the age of 12 (17,845) and while the population of indigenous people only represents 3% of the Australian total, they represent 25% of those who are homeless with 26,744 indigenous people living on the streets. This made Brad feel sick as a father and he decided to use his influence and do something about it that would make a difference.

After making contact with Father Chris Riley and seeing the work he and his team do with his organisation Youth Off The Streets. Brad decided he would get the support of the NSWRL Blues and his mates at Harley Davidson and do an annual bike run from Sydney to Coolangatta to raise funds and awareness of a worthy cause.

This year will be the 6th year of the run and after developing some friendships and receiving fantastic community support

in Lennox the past 5 years, Brad has decided to do a little extra this year and put on a game of football for all the kids of Lennox and surrounding areas. The meeting point will be across the road from The Lennox Hotel at 4pm on Sunday 18 February. Everyone is welcome and everyone is encouraged to become a part of a fantastic afternoon. There will be plenty of NSWRL stars amongst the action as well as a truckload of footys and prizes to be given away. Be sure to bring the kids down and don’t forget the markers as there’ll be plenty of signatures up for grabs.

Go the Blues!!!

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