Lake Ainsworth Recent Water Sampling Results


Lake Ainsworth water quality test results from 17 January 2018 show no restrictions on recreational use. 

Ballina Shire Council is continuing to monitor Lake Ainsworth and work closely with the North Coast Public Health Unit to investigate reports of health issues after swimming at this popular location.

Earlier this week, Council began investigations through additional testing of blue-green algae levels and bacteria at the Lake. Monitoring of bacteria in the water provides information on the potential faecal contamination overtime. 

Currently, blue-green algae levels indicate there is no alert or restrictions on the recreational use of the Lake. The level of tested bacteria is also within the normal range with a rating of good and fair. 

“These results have been provided to North Coast Public Health Unit and we will continue to assist them with their ongoing investigation,” said Ms Kerri Watts, Acting Group Manager for Development and Environmental Health.

“We encourage the community to follow the advice of the North Coast Public Health Unit and report any symptoms directly to the Unit by calling 1300 066 055,” said Ms Watts. 

Council will continue to monitor the blue-green algae and bacteria levels at the Lake under the Beachwatch Program. 

For more information, or to view up-to-date results visit Ballina Shire Council’s website or call 1300 864 444.

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  1. Richard

    No alerts needed, no problem with the lake??? What the hell, how bad does it have to get before something is done about the water quality… Stop stuffing about with whether the road is closed and fix the lake!


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