All Girls Sign On

Lennox All Girls Surfriders sign on day is Saturday the 10th of February between 8am and 10am at Lennox Beach.

Meet at the beach just south of Lennox Point Hotel to sign up for 2018.

Our surfriders club is in its 27th year and we pride ourselves on promoting the advancement of women’s surfing throughout all levels, in a safe and supportive environment. We cater for those who are just starting out to those girls that are surfing at a more advanced level. 

All Girls is the perfect place to improve your skills and meet other girls who love surfing.

Our divisions include – junior and senior divisions (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and longboard.

For more information please contact Jane Collins 0427 930 699 or Melissa Wright 0429 876 601 or come on down to Lennox beach on Saturday the 10th of February.

We look forward to seeing you in the waves!!

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