New Sand Mine DA

A new Development Application and Environmental Impact Statement has been lodged with Ballina Shire Council for a project know as ‘McGeary’s Sand Quarry and Future Recreation Precinct’.

This DA seeks approval for two existing quarries to be expanded by deepening the existing pits, extending the footprint and operating the land use as a single quarry. It is estimated that 1.9 million m³ (or 3,610,000 tonnes) can be extracted from the consolidated quarry over a period of 30 years. The proposed maximum extraction rate is 160,000 m³ (or 304,000 tonnes) per annum. However, according to developers, it is anticipated that this quantum of extraction will rarely be achieved, and the average rate will be more in the order of 64,000 m³-70,000m³ (or 120,000-133,000 tonnes) per annum.

A full copy of the EIS can be downloaded here.


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